Crap Town Entrance Signs Come to Evans Head

Evans Head has just become the lucky recipient, at ratepayers expense of course, of two new crappy entrance signs.

Wow, now isn’t that impressive.  Just like the monolith straight out of 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Now doesn’t that wonderful monolith given your standard visitor to Evans Head a warm and fuzzy feel about the place.  Wow, what welcoming signs. Dirty concrete and faded triangles.

VWD couldn’t help but overhear a tourist extolling the virtues of the new signs: “As soon as I saw the sign I knew I was at home.  The faded triangles reached out to me in no ordinary way.  I was moved deep down inside just like I was the last time I had the runs….and we’re not talking cricket here!”

“Look Mum, an upside down set of fading triangles which were ‘stone washed’, or was that stoned before they were mounted!  The letters hang over the side.  How good is that!  How post modern in the way it deconstructs the essence of Evans Head”.

People will flock to Evans Head to see the signs.  We could even have a ‘festival of the sign’ to recognise this world class, best practice, benchmarked extravaganza of visual nothingness.

Close inspection shows the signs aren’t made of of dirty concrete.  No, they’re made of some type of plastic made to look like dirty concrete. How good is that!  Ain’t the aesthetics grand!  Plastic parading as stone. Facade parading as substance.

And of course this delightful sign followed extensive consultation with the community.  Yep, we all wanted faded colour triangles.    There were all kinds of meetings to nut out the best way to represent Evans Head and this was what the community came up with: Crap!

A new marketing tool perhaps for the local pub.  What better way to get people to go to the pub.  The signs are enough to drive people to drink they are just so bad.

It’s clear the faded triangles give us the narrative.   Feel the spirit of Evans Head and its rich history from World War II, Fishing, Sport, Aboriginal History and Culture and Natural History.  By looking at the faded triangles we are immediately moved to imagery befitting that history.  Yes we are, we really are.

For god’s sake Richmond Valley, stop wasting our money on crap. Stop wasting our 39% rates increase on what will soon be tip material.  Check the plastic side panels up close and you’ll notice there is already bubble.

And check the lettering and the way it has been set up.  Where is the attention to detail and why weren’t the blue pencil marks removed after mounting?

What VWD would like to know is whose brilliant idea was this and why wasn’t the community consulted?  What was wrong with the old parrot?

As a strategy to rebrand Richmond Valley the signs are a great success.  VWD gets the message. Council is trying to get across the image that Council is plastic and doesn’t give a stuff about the environment notwithstanding the fact that the signs are solar driven. All appearance, no substance.  Just fading away…………….!

And where did the population, now “pop” number of 3,000 come from.  Exactly 3,000.  Not one person more or less.  Yes, exactly 3,000 even though that’s not right.

And whatever happened to the village atmosphere the community has been saying for many years it wants to preserve?  How do these awful signs tell that story?  Looks like Sanctuary Cove or Las Vegas has come to Evans Head.

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